TheTasteJewelry ( TTJ ) Jewelry Manufacturing

We are able to produce and manufacture for you beads, findings and whole design lines.
We are able to handle small batches up to full scale jewelry and design line requirements.
We work together with selected factories for mold making, rapid prototyping and metal plating.
We can copy / reproduce your designs or single beads / items or make entirely new ones with you together. We simply need detailed information.
Specialties and awareness

1. Many productions in China are failing due to miserable quality control and distinct knowledge of production and factories handling.

2. We are fully aware of this situation for a long time and know how to avoid mistakes and wrong choices.

3. We rely on fair approach on both sides. Customer need to communicate free, clear and precise. We communicate and work with all partners on this level. If this is not guaranteed, we do not proceed.
We guarantee full inspection and quality control for ordered goods and record / report prior to shipment.

We monitor and supervise the whole process with you firmly together. Worry free.

If we are not able to guarantee full success in advance, we will not produce, take not your money and let you suffer. This is not our mentality. We want great work for fair prices. And nonetheless success for your and our business. Your and our reputation is counting only.